Take a look at the key features and benefits of tradietech

Video Overview

Smart & intuitive yet super simple to navigate, see how tradietech can add value to your business while making your life that bit easier. Magic.

Desktop or Smartphone

Tradietech is compatible across all devices, including your smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer. So no matter if you're in the office, on site, or on the go, you can access our software anytime, anywhere. It's readily available, user-friendly and fits in around you.

One Month Trial

To work out whether or not tradietech is the application for your business, sign up as a dealer and receive a one month free trial period!

Accurate Pricing

Our software is integrated with live supplier information, ensuring on-site pricing is done accurately with real-time data, and that any job additions and consumables are accounted for on the spot - saving you time and reducing errors to a minimum.

Presentation Tools

Our nifty presentation tools allow you to create professional quotes quickly and easily and access a range of job report functions at your fingertips, adding value for your customers, streamlining your business' processes and productivity, and giving you that competitive advantage.


Designed for all businesses from a solo operation to fully-fledged companies, we can tailor plans to suit your specific needs. This allows you the flexibility to modify your plan as your business grows and/or requirements change, meanwhile you only pay for the functionality you need. 

XERO & MYOB integration

Tradietech eliminates the need for any middle men, incorporating easy-to-use, specialist accounting software to provide a fully integrated and seamless solution for your business. Made by tradies for tradies, we're continually developing the technology with industry-based knowledge to better suit what you're after.

Software for Service

Cloud based software for service with back ups security and easy access from anywhere worldwide! No hidden or additional costs for software or hardware just a monthly fee for easy forecasting of expenses.