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Release Notes 

Next scheduled update: 26/08/2016


Version 1.8.0 26/07/2016

-You can now upload products through an excel spreadsheet

-Fixed an issue when creating users

-Syncing with Smart Payroll now avaliable


Version 1.7.0: 7/12/2015

-User Login Fix

-Purchase Order Destination Email

-Style fix


Version 1.6.0: 16/11/2015

-Time/Billing Sheets

-Rearrangement of menu

-Purchase orders can now be sent


Version 1.5.0: 3/11/2015

-Multi supplier stability 

-Fixed invoice decimal points

-Raised dates amended 

-Notification centre updates


Version 1.4.0: 12/10/2015

-Visual updates 

-You can now copy a price matrix to another customer 

-Notification centre is now active 


Version 1.3.0: 14/09/2015

- Trial Balance Total Row

- New Price margin options

- Ordering of quote, job and invoices lines


Version 1.2.0: 7/09/2015

- Fixed a rounding issue

- Invoices are no longer being sent twice

- Discounts can now be shown on invoices 

- You can now manually update quoted pricing 

- Decimal point values are now accepted within quantities

- Admin Changes 


Version 1.1.2: 24/08/2015

- Fixed issue where + & - would not change quantities 

- You can now tab between lines


Version 1.1.1: 17/08/2015

-Limited users can now view products in detail

-Emails sent from tradietech are now sent with a 'reply to' delivery address.


Version 1.1.0: 10/08/2015 

-Export of product data added

-Fixed auto approving of invoices

-Text only option for quotes, jobs and invoices added

-View products 

-Search through quotes, jobs and invoice's by product 

-GST number field added in settings


Version 1.0.0: 3/08/2015

Tradietech released